a natural fragrance brand revamps its facebook marketing approach  


The Challenge

After a year of managing Facebook and Instagram ads on his own, Scent Fill’s CEO came to us looking to make the most of social media advertising. Our key objectives included shoring up the small business’s website for things like Schema and Open Graph; fine-tuning certain product offerings to resonate with target audiences; building the proper personas and messaging for all layers of Scent Fill’s buyer funnel; and eliminating funnel bottlenecks preventing potential buyers from purchasing. 

The Solution

A complete 180 on copy that converts, paired with more formal split-testing of creatives and audiences to quickly find the winning ad sets, transformed campaigns almost overnight. A strategy focused on bottom-of-funnel audiences made the difference for this disposable consumer product with a low price point, as new fans were likely to purchase again and again with strategic reminders, incentives and new product announcements (and are far less expensive than cold audiences.) With budgets as low as $5/day, weekly conversions were tripling before formal long-term measurement even started. 

The Result

Since working with us, ScentFill’s year over year revenue from Facebook advertising has nearly tripled. Cost per purchase continues to decline each quarter working together, with warm and hot audiences’ ads performing at under $10/purchase — virtually unheard of for an >$20 disposable good. Together, ScentFill’s designers and Renee continue to develop quarterly and seasonal digital campaigns and test new cold audiences to expand both its loyal consumer base and revenue streams - because Facebook advertising is never a “set it and forget it” endeavor.


Dallas, TX 

(serving clients worldwide)