The Challenge

A major global franchise brand in the bar/restaurant space, with over 35 domestic and international locations, was ready to leap into sophisticated digital advertising to recruit more qualified franchise owners. The company’s principal objective was to increase engagement and quality of leads stemming from social campaigns to pass on to their sales team over a four-month period. Having seen poor lead quality results from brief advertising stints of the recent past meant earning a lot of trust and respect for the large ad spend these funnels required.

The Solution

The team started out by completely rebuilding campaign funnels to focus on faster acquisition. It was vital that candidates had $500,000 or more in assets and were willing to invest $20,000 into the franchise. This required us to apply multiple segmentations of data clusters, including income; median age; ethnicity; and real-time behavior. Proper targeting enhanced recruitment efforts by applying data science and machine learning to narrow down the audience segmentation and immediately improve the quality of franchise candidates in comparison to previous ads.

The audiences were then segmented behaviorally, demographically and geographically into custom clusters. This allowed our creative team to create tailored messaging that resonates directly with potential franchise owners based on their current challenges, goals and desires in taking the leap into this investment of ownership.

The Result

The client’s cost per lead decreased by 86%, causing an increase in leads by 316%. Not only did quality improve exponentially, but Randall Cunningham, celebrated former NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles, also signed up to speak to the sales team through our campaign! The result was a dramatic improvement in qualified opportunities for the franchise, along with drastic spikes in the number of leads (and thus a lower cost per lead.)


Dallas, TX 

(serving clients worldwide)